1. Who owns Spring Hill Cemetery?

Spring Hill Cemetery Association is a private, non-profit cemetery overseen by a volunteer board of directors. The secretary treasurer is the acting director of the cemetery on a day to day basis.

2. Does Spring Hill Cemetery still have graves available?
We are an active cemetery consisting of approximately 55 acres, with acreage available for future expansion. There are niches in our columbarium and grave spaces available.  

3. Who can be interred in the cemetery?
There are no restrictions, people of any color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin may be interred at Spring Hill Cemetery.

4. What are the options for interment in Spring Hill Cemetery?
Our cemetery offers traditional burials and cremation interments. There are different areas of the cemetery designated for graves memorialized with bronze markers and graves with granite markers. Cremation urns may be placed in a niche in our columbarium. For cremation interments in graves, there are two options; the first option is to inter ashes in an urn placed inside an urn vault.  The second option is to inter the ashes directly into the grave using a wooden funnel designed specifically for this type of interment.

Spring Hill Cemetery Association does allow for up to two family members to share a grave. This is restricted to spouses, siblings and parent & child.

5. Does the cemetery sell grave markers and monuments?
We do not sell granite markers or monuments, but we will gladly furnish a list of granite providers in our area.

Spring Hill Cemetery Association does sell bronze markers for placement on graves in our bronze sections. We will assist families in designing and ordering personalized markers to memorialize the deceased. Our pricing is competitive and includes a provision for the perpetual care of the markers.

If you choose to purchase a bronze marker from another vendor, the Association requires a surcharge, please contact us for details.

6. How does Spring Hill support the operation & maintenance of the cemetery?
The sale of interment spaces and the fees for interment services are used to operate the cemetery.

Spring Hill Cemetery Association established an endowment fund in the early 1900’s, and due to responsible investment and management over the years, funds are available to defray the costs of operating and maintaining our property, buildings and roadways.

7. What is the policy for grave decorations?
We allow living and artificial flowers, plants and wreaths to be placed on graves, in vases or pots or on wreath easels.

For the safety of our staff and visitors, we do not allow glass containers.

We remove any remaining Christmas flowers on January 20th every year.

In order to preserve the dignity of the cemetery, we do not allow other types of decorations or ornamentation in the cemetery.

For a complete list of regulations, please see Rules & Regulations of Spring Hill Cemetery.