Spring Hill Cemetery Association was established in 1852 with Bishop John Early as president and A.B. Rucker as treasurer. Other members of the Association included John R. McDaniel, John Hollis, Colonel Maurice Langhorne, William M. Blackford, James L. Brown, George G. Curle, William Shoemaker and Michael Moorman. In 1853, land was acquired that was outside the city limits at the time, on the Salem Turnpike (now Fort Avenue). Some of the neighbors objected to the establishment of burial grounds near their homes. John Crouse, who sold the land to the Association, said he thought that the land would be used for a seminary, not a cemetery. An injunction was filed to stop the development, but the injunction was dismissed and notable architect John Notman was hired to design the cemetery grounds. John Caruthers was hired as superintendent and cemetery lots were offered for sale.

When it came time for the first funeral, the residents of the area were still opposed to the establishment of a cemetery in their neighborhood. In anticipation of trouble, the undertakers, the pallbearers and others in attendance were armed with pistols, but the military funeral of Howell Robinson took place without incident on October 18th, 1855. The formal dedication of Spring Hill Cemetery was held on June 17th, 1856. There were only a few interments during the first years of operation and the opposition to the cemetery gradually faded away.

The original office building was constructed circa 1915. It was remodeled several times over the years. In 2013 a complete renovation and addition were finished, maintaining the character and beauty of the original building while combining the old and new parts.

Since that first interment, Spring Hill has become the final resting place for many NOTABLE residents of the Lynchburg area. Among these are the three Confederate generals, Jubal Early, James Dearing, and Thomas Munford. Other notable citizens include Major John Warwick Daniel, Colonel Kirkwood Otey, Carter Glass, Sr., Dr. Rosalie Slaughter Morton, Bishop John Early, Dr. Meta Glass, Dr. John J. Terrell, Margaret Bannister, Don Reno, Dr. & Mrs. John Hollins and several members of the Diuguid family. There are also politicians, artists, educators, musicians, authors, sports figures and even a few actors and possibly a ghost interred here at Spring Hill Cemetery.